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…Your Partner to the Harbor & Offshore works

Bolton 420 Pilot is a multipurpose sea vessel which can perform successfully as:

  • Pilot Boat services on harbor
  • Pilot Boat services offshore
  • Towing vessel
  • Search and Rescue vessel
  • Transportation under emergency conditions

Bolton Marine presents the revolution to the category of work boats. With the unsinkable advantage as a Rib, combined with the al-weather capability due to the deep V-hull, Bolton 420 Pilot is the ultimate vessel for work on the harbor and offshore as well.
The construction of the hull follows the laminate GRP lay out with transverse and longitudinal bulkheads for additional strengthen. The tubes are made of Pennel Flipo Orca for a long life durability and they give to the vessel the following key points: unsinkable, convenient side docking to the ships and zero potential for sparking upon contact with the metal ships.
The design of the deck is well studied for being practicall and give ergonomics to the captain and the crew. At the front of the bow there is a bumper with heavy duty specs in order to facilitate bow-docking and the entry of the crew from the deck. For the embarkation and disembarkation of the pilot and the crew to and from the big ships, there is a very large flat surface located on the bow. At the same time the inox rails allows a safe walk around on the deck under any difficult condition.
In the closed and completely watertight wheelhouse are hosted the cockpit and seating for ten people. The spacious cockpit includes a complete set of engine indicators and navigation instruments. The large windows are made of security glass where at the same time they offer 360ο view to the captain. The existence of W.C among the advantages of the design, since services the needs of the crew.
The propulsion system as standard with the boat includes twin Inboard diesel engines with Jet drives which gives performance, fuel economy and durability under heavy duty operation.


Overall length
Weight (Dry)8.0tn
Minimum Engine Power2x370hp
Maximum Engine Power1600hp
Διάμετρος αεροθαλάμων0.70-.050m
Tubes #8
TubesMaterialOrca 1670 dtex
Fuel Tank1400 lt.
Water Tank150lt
CEClass A or B