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Why Bolton Marine

BOLTON MARINE specializes in the design and construction of handmade luxurious R.I.B. Cruisers. It combines the air-chambers and deep-V hull of inflatable boats with the spacious accommodation of larger cruisers to create the ultimate boat for every destination.

Handmade Superiority

It is clear to us that machines don’t build better boats. People do. BOLTON MARINE, understanding that handmade boats are unsurpassed in quality and customizability, exclusively employs handmade construction methods for each of its products. Every operation is handled with personal thoroughness and artistry, and a strict check takes place after the completion of each phase of construction.

Polyester Construction

Every Bolton is made to be used under the harshest weather conditions. With this in mind, the construction of Hull and Deck takes place under the highest standards. The layers of fiberglass are placed one on top of the other and soaked in resin (laminated). This is done in a precise and detailed way ensuring any possible air pockets are eliminated. The binding and strengthening is done in a specialized way not seen in mass-produced boats. This is followed by the so-called “air-tight box” method: the 30 horizontal and vertical frames which are spread out across the entire width of the hull create airtight boxes. In more vulnerable areas, extra strengthening and reinforcement has been implemented.

All weather

One undoubted characteristic element of Bolton boats is their ability to travel under any weather conditions. The Deep-V Hull mitigates the effect of even large waves, while the air- chambers provide extra balance. Having a Bolton, you don’t choose the weather … you choose the destination.

Engine Options

Given the variety of naval engines, BOLTON MARINE has designed its boats so that each model is able to accommodate every type of engine: stern-drive, outboard, diesel and gas.

Finest raw materials

The sea is an unforgiving mistress. This is the reason we carefully choose the best materials and accessories, collaborating with the biggest and most reputable companies in the field, in order to equip our boats.


The basic weakness of mass-produced boats is the lack of customization to serve the individual needs of every customer. Our company, thanks to our know-how and in-house production capabilities, is able to provide a personal touch for every Bolton owner.